Clemaniac Heaven


Clemaniac Heaven!

Clemaniac Heaven!

Lately, we here in Seattle have been blessed with a few sunny days and, oh , the juices are flowing — in me and in my plants!  Garden cleanup, including weeding, sweeping, chicken-coop cleaning, and many assundry early spring tasks have been filling my outdoors time (when I’m off from work on sunny days).  One task I accomplished is to gather together all the clematis that have showed up my potting area over the past several months.  Ahhhhh, such glorious promise in all those pots.  Now that rain is forecasted for  a couple of days, I can stay cozy  inside, check all my clematis resources, and plan where each new baby will go.

Clematis Pruning

Most of my clems in the ground are sprouting now and need pruning badly, but I’ve been holding off.  On Thursday, I have the privilege through my job at PlantAmnesty to teach a small cadre of students (4 or 5) how to prune clematis in my garden.  I will discuss pruning and demonstrate on my own plants and then allow the students hands-on practice.  I’m really looking forward to the workshop and will be sure to post before and after photos!

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