Ordering Clematis: Brushwood Nursery

Now let’s turn to the third, but most definitely not the least, of my three favorite mail-order nurseries for clematis, Brushwood Nursery.  Brushwood is all about vines–climbing roses, passion flowers, trumpet vines, honeysuckles, and loads of — you got it — CLEMATIS!

Clematis viorna from Brushwood
Clematis viorna from Brushwood

Dan Long, proprietor of Brushwood Nursery and a member of the International Clematis Society, has connections throughout the world that allow him to offer a wide variety of large-flowered, small-flowered, and non-vining clematis. He offers over 350 varieties, though many are already unavailable until he replenishes his stock.  But many others are currently on sale!!   In my experience, plants ordered from Brushwood take off and grow well. Once of my personal favorites from Brushwood is my huge species clematis, Clematis viorna (huge as in big plant — flowers are only about an inch long).  Its blooms are dainty though sturdy little bells with pert tips that recurve like a jester’s belled slippers. I planted this lavendar and white clematis to grow through a Calicarpa (Beauty Berry).  It starts blooming in July and continues to bloom until the beauty berry produces its delicate and lovely lavendar berries.  The two look wonderful together.  Argh!  I haven’t taken an aceptable photo of the pairing yet. 

Two of the many beautiful and unusual clematis Dan offers include Clematis Crystal Fountain (also known as Clematis Fairy Blue’), which is a lovely double, and Clematis Rebecca, one of the most beautiful of red clematis.  Photos below.

Clematis Crystal Fountain (aka Fairy Blue)

Clematis Crystal Fountain (aka Fairy Blue)


Clematis Rebecca

Clematis Rebecca


  1. Patrick said,

    February 24, 2016 at 4:41 am

    Hi Laura,
    Well, I finally completed my “Mail-order” buying for the season. I ended up buying 6 Clematis plants, from four different mail-order nurseries.
    Now my question is: What will I be getting in the mail ?
    It appears that most of the plants will be Quart-sized containers, with the exception of Silver Star Vinery (I can’t wait to see what Debbie sends me). So, will these Quart-sized plants have one vine, or multiple vines?
    Fill me in a bit, since you are more experienced in buying mail-order then I am. Thanks!


    • February 24, 2016 at 6:19 pm

      How exciting! I love ordering new clematis. Right now I’m trying to hold back on ordering until I get the fifteen or so plants I have waiting to be planted taken care of. Then I need to transplant a few, too. So maybe I’ll order again in the fall.

      I don’t know who you are ordering from, but some of your plants may come in 4-6″ pots. I would recommend growing those over the summer in pots, maybe potting up a size or two at some point, then plant in the ground in the fall when they are a bit larger. If you’re planning to grow them in pots anyway, that’s fine. My experience with Debbie Fischer of Silver Star Vinery is that I always get large healthy plants ready for the ground from her.



      • Patrick said,

        February 25, 2016 at 1:45 am

        4 of the Clematis will be planted in Urns, 2 of the Clematis will be planted in the ground – Jackmanii and Rouge Cardinal. I just ordered Versailles from Brushwood Nursery, I really should have ordered them all from Brushwood. Darn it! The others are coming from Bluestone Perennials and White Flower Farms. Of course I really wanted C. Princess Kate, but I don’t really want a young plant from Burpee, so I’ll wait until Brushwood has it back in stock.


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